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By: Shelley McMurtry
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A very small percentage of online ads are successful at attracting women... how can your ad stand out from the HUNDREDS of others???
I get an increasing number of emails from men who have an online personal ad and are having little to no luck with them. And there are a number of reasons for this...
  • Some men just can't describe themselves in words
  • Some men don't know what to write about
  • Many men try to be funny- but end up sounding weird or "dorky"
  • And even if they do end up getting a decent personal ad written, they fail to PROPERLY contact women on the personal site and send them an appropriate "contact letter".
Your "contact letter" is just as important (if not more important) than your actual ad. If done correctly, it will get her attention, separate you from all of the hundreds of other men, and can even establish your date with her-- right there.
I want to make it EASY for all of you to have a properly written ad, and an appropriate "contact letter" that gets attention!
I gave this some thought, and came up with the following solution...
  • I first created a template for your personal ad. You won't even have to write most of your ad... you can copy/ paste it into the personal site service of your choice. You can then fill in a few blanks (where instructed) to make a personal ad that is different, builds interest, sounds "high-energy", and grabs a woman's attention!
  • I have also created a template for your "contact letter". This is to be sent to women who you are interested in. I also outlined some tips and techniques you can use for personalizing each letter, that are simple and effective.
  • I wrote an ALL-NEW instruction manual about fully utilizing personal sites, screening women, how to effectively ask a woman to meet you in public, and EVERYTHING you need to know (too much to list here)!
I am going to offer this package, complete with these 2 templates, and this special instructional report on screening women, defining authority in your personal ad, creating curiosity, getting a woman's attention, and making yourself sound like a "million bucks" (plus much more!)... for a retail price of $59.99. BUT... you don't have to pay that much! I want you, John's loyal reader, to have all of these things for ONLY $39.99!!
Available instantly-- no shipping & handling charges! Get started on your online ad in just a few short minutes!
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Since you're a reader of John Alanis, you can get my "Personal Ad Builder" product PLUS all of this....
1. My "personal ad builder" product... Which we talked about above.
2. The 5 interviews I recently did with these people (who you can learn A LOT from)...
Interview #1, with Darren: An interview with a man who I have personally "casually dated" over the years. He is not just a master at
attracting women, but he also attracts high-caliber, trustworthy,
personally developed, low-maintenance, independent women who are
self-sufficient and secure with themselves. He has managed to
"collect" (for a lack of a better word) a group a women who are his
"casual dating partners" who he travels with, has a lot of fun
with, and sees regularly (when HE desires). However--- this man
does okay for himself but is NOT "rich" by any stretch... he even
admits in his interview that he declared bankruptcy 5 years ago!
But he has agreed to share his secret with you, and I will also
share why I am so attracted to this man and enjoy when I am in his

Interview #2, with Suelie: This interview is with a woman who is a personal friend of mine and one of the pickiest women I have ever seen when it comes to finding a man who she is actually attracted to. She
"thin slices" every man she meets, within seconds, and has only
agreed to 1 date in the past 2 years and didn't give him a 2nd
date! I thought it would be interesting, as well as funny, to bring
you this interview. She is beautiful.... And also a plastic surgeon.
She is professional, has a HUGE house, and she is amazingly funny
and extremely well-read. However.... picky, picky, picky.... When it
comes to men. Therefore, I want you to hear firsthand from this
"picky woman" what she is looking for in a man and what YOU can do
as a man to attract the "pickiest of women".

Interview #3, with Cole: This interview is with a man who was married for over 20 years, had forgotten almost every aspect of attraction, and when his marriage ended (at age 52) he had to start all over again. Some
of you are in this man's shoes currently, so I thought this would
be a good interview to do. He has learned a lot about attraction in
the past year and is now dating women age 30 to 60.

Interview #4, with Byron: This interview is with a man who set out 1 year ago to find a woman to marry. Getting married and finding that "one
special woman" was his ultimate goal. He implemented some
interesting ways to find her--- and it worked! He will share with
you how he met women, and how he "screened" them, to find that "one
special woman" who he is now married to!

Interview #5, with Maurine: Maurine is a woman who now admits that in the past she looked for men, and dated men, for the sole purpose of using them. She looked for men who would buy her things, financially assist her, and would do whatever she desired! Amazingly, many men she dated were not even that well off... and many men put themselves in major debt
fulfilling her desires. She has since changed her ways... but she
will tell you how she would convince men to buy her things and the
things she would do to men (and how easy it was!). She will also
help you to better "pinpoint" a woman who is doing the same with
3. 2 new reports from sex therapist (and my best friend) Mari-Jo Tyler. These reports are titled:
  • Report: "Spontaneous attraction".... creating attraction in a snap, on the spot... when there is no time to waste.
  • Report: "Getting what you want out of whichever woman you want"... The right and the wrong ways of getting what you want.
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    4A. Instant Attraction Generator System
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    4C. My "A day in the life of a Beautiful woman" report/ diary
    4D. My "How to find a trustworthy woman" report
    5. You will also be able to get your hands on the 2 reports recently released by Hayley-- a woman who I interviewed and has a lot of great information to share. These reports are titled:
    5A. "The nice guy syndrome"
    5B. "Is she faking it?"-- which dives into the issue of female orgasms!
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    Shelley McMurtry