The Character & Persona Guide

By: Shelley McMurtry

Hello everyone...
I have put together a very special treat for John's readers... This is a guide that leads you “step by step” through the entire process of developing a strong, stable, and fun character that other people (both men & women) WANT to be around!!

As an example, I will actually lead you through the last 9 years of my personal life, and tell you about my dark past, the mistakes that I made, and how I learned from those mistakes… and how I managed to develop the strong, stable, authoritative, successful, professional, and comical personality that I have today.

I even give you a glimpse into my “real, true world” in this guide, just so you can see how sometimes our character/ persona can really differ from what is happening “behind the scenes”. I even tell you a dark secret about myself, and some of the stuff that is REALLY happening in my life.

This guide leads you “step by step” through:

The 10 steps to developing a strong character/ persona

The 8 big “no- no’s”-- what NOT to do!

How your dress/ attire should represent your character-- how to get noticed!

How I developed my character-- and how I became who I am today

How to make people (both men & women) WANT to be around you

Tips on demanding respect from others & from dating partners!

Demonstrating a “professional image”

Why imperfections & character flaws are GOOD!

5 exercises to put you on the fact track to developing a strong character & persona yourself!

In addition, I also show you a glimpse into my personal world with a few pictures, just as an added bonus!

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